10 Cool Basketball Socks

cool basketball socks

Photo Credit: John-Morgan

We scour the web for cool basketball socks and these were the top 10 we found:

#10 – Galaxy

Nike Elite Basketball Crew Socks, Galaxy Edition from Nike, Inc

Photo credit: Nike, Inc

#9 – Rainbow

Cool rainbow socks by brettzendes

Photo credit: brettzendes

#8 – Another rainbow

Comes with DIY instructions too 😉

#7 – Asian dragon

cool dragon socks by staffordj28

Photo credit: staffordj28

#6 – Smiley

Smiley socks by njgator98

Photo credit: njgator98

#5 – Reds

Red basketball socks by johngraven

Photo credit: johngraven

 #3 – Camo

Camo Socks by zoukoutloud

Photo credit: zoukoutloud

#3 #2 and #1 Cool basketball socks

And the coolest ones have matching shoes 😉

Coolest basketball socks and shoes by chiva1908

Photo credit: chiva1908